Note that the masculine gender includes the feminine gender (vice versa), just as the singular includes the plural (vice versa), unless otherwise specified.
We have chosen to operate this way in order to make it easier to read.


Use of terms; “Member and subscriber” means a person still registered and not canceled, terminated or banned from the Stomaltern points program, as well as the platform.

Stomaltern Points Program

Stomaltern owns the Stomaltern Points Program and is the only one who can offer or modify it. The point program is only in place for purchases of ostomy material and will be applicable only for purchases of ostomy material. At any time and without notice, Stomaltern may modify the terms, conditions, modalities, elements and compositions of the points program on the site: and / or on the Stomaltern platform. Any participation after modification will represent your consent, as well as your acceptance of the modifications. At any time, Stomaltern may make changes to the value of points or revoke the points program. In the event of revocation, the company will give a reasonable period of time to use the points. If the changes are refused, the subscriber may terminate the point program, but will also terminate the package to which it is attached, since the point program is part of the products and / or services offered in the packages.


Registration details

To register, you must be subscribed to one of the company’s paid plans, such as the Essential, Integral, or Family plan (by family we mean: two parents, as well as their children living under same roof or related members living under the same roof) and must follow the Stomaltern enrollment steps. The Family plan is the only plan that allows you to have more than one person using the same tally account. Stomaltern is not responsible for how Points will be managed or distributed among members of the same family.

Conditions of registration

Only natural persons and who accept all of the terms, conditions and policies of Stomaltern may register or participate in the Stomaltern points program. A parent of a minor can take charge of their account and transact on their behalf. However, anyone under the age of majority, while using the platform or the Stomaltern points program, must have the consent of their legal parent to use the platform. In Canada, the age of majority is 18. Stomaltern limits 1 registration per person to packages, as well as the points program. A legal representative of a person can take over his account and transact only on his behalf. For the family plan, Stomaltern allows you to have more than one person using the same tally account, but only 1 person will have to manage the account. It is possible for people of the same family, living under the same roof, to subscribe to individual packages, however, any sharing of points will be considered illegal and will not be possible.

Not Eligible for Registration

Any natural person representing or acting for a company will not be eligible for the Stomaltern points program. In addition to the information given in the previous paragraphs, the points program is an individual program with the aim of reducing one’s own costs, when making purchases from the company’s platform.

Conditions of use of accumulated points

Points can be used in whole or in part and only on the Stomaltern platform. Under no circumstances will the subscriber be authorized to transfer, buy and / or sell all or part of his points or to exchange them for money. The use of points is limited to the purchase of ostomy material, in order to reduce own costs. Point Value: Five hundred (500) points are worth one dollar ($ 1.00). Each $ 100 spent is equivalent to five hundred (500) points. A minimum of five hundred (500) points will be required for the account of the member who wishes to use his points on a transaction. Points can be accumulated over a 2-year period, the member will have until the penultimate day of the 2-year period (until 11:59pm) to use all of their points. Any points that are not used will be lost, since the counter will be reset to zero. Points cannot be redeemed for cash, they must be used on the platform.

Termination conditions

the subscriber wishing to terminate an account should send an explanatory email to Stomaltern at indicating his intentions and should ensure to provide valid contact details for communication. The subscriber is responsible for validating his emails when requesting additional information. In addition, following the analysis of the request and its acceptance, the package as well as the subscriber’s point program will be terminated, because it is not possible to keep certain products and / or services of the package, s ‘it is not taken in its entirety. Note that automatic withdrawals will be interrupted from the following month, if the payment has already been made. On the other hand, if the payment has not been made, you will have to contact us at least 10 days in advance to stop the payment. Please note that no refund will be made for any termination request. However, you will be able to use the services to which you were entitled until the end of your billing period. After the billing period, access to the services, as well as to the products of the package will be impossible. In order to regain access to products, as well as services, it will be necessary to re-subscribe to a plan. However, it is strictly forbidden to unsubscribe and continually subscribe to a plan every month, and this consecutively. Any such action could result in a ban from the platform.

Updated: November 24, 2021