Answer Q1: You must first sign up for a subscription package in the shop. 7 days after purchasing the package, you can access the teleconsultation with your Stomaltern username and password. To do this, you must go to the teleconsultation page and click on the button: Access the teleconsultation on your right

Answer Q2: There will be no additional termination fees, however, there will be no refund

Answer Q3:  Although you benefit from the same subscription, in any case, the information given to professionals following a consultation will not be shared with your family.

Answer Q4: No. There is no limit of subscribers per family as long as you reside at the same address. The word family in this context means two parents and their children.

Answer Q5: All types of subscriptions give unlimited access to the consultation service, even if there are several on the same subscription.

Answer Q6: Yes indeed. When you need to be physically on site for a blood test, urine test, medical imaging, etc., a prescription is sent to you by email.

Answer Q7: Yes indeed. Services are available across Canada.

Answer Q8: We offer fully bilingual service. You will always be assigned to a practitioner based on your preferred language.

Anwer Q9: Because our services are complementary. Our practitioners do not do lasting follow-ups.

Answer Q10: Yes, we can transfer your file to your family doctor, but only if you give us your consent.

Answer Q11:
• Yes you can. As long as you use a smart phone with a good internet connection.
• You can use any smart device with a good internet connection.
• We also offer the option to communicate verbally only

Answer Q12 :
Do not hesitate to contact us at info@stomaltern.com

Answer Q13:
Dial 911.