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Stomaltern’s project

In 2012, the founder of Stomaltern’s company was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. After going through several painful, trying and uncertain stages, she finds herself in a hospital disaster and is told that she will need emergency surgery and wear an ostomy bag. At that moment, everything changed in the young woman’s head and dozens of questions popped up in her mind.

After spending several months trying to get back to the “normalcy” she knew. She realized that the attitude that needed to be adopted instead was actually self-acceptance. It should be understood that a successful healing often takes into consideration the human being as a whole. It is therefore a question of healing physically, but also emotionally, since our daily life is put into perspective. Thoughts on sexuality, physical appearance, diet, bathing or showering, work, leisure, etc. all this raises questions. There is no need to further explain the founder’s motivations for wanting to help this community.

The first project to which the company is dedicated aims to facilitate activities related to hygiene as well as the practice of activities in wet or aquatic environments. Stomaltern’s innovation will improve the sealing and this by using the latest technologies available while adopting a new technique of sealer claimed by a pending patent. The company is also developing a social platform dedicated to the community of people with ostomies, a user-friendly space promoting access to health specialists, through its business partner. The platform will also include a chat function, as well as a dating site (coming soon), a store and more. The founder wishes to break down the barriers of judgment, thus providing both technical and emotional support, while bringing people together, in order to allow them to express themselves, to educate themselves, to create beneficial contacts in order to reconnect with their social life.


Stomaltern’s mission is to innovate in terms of products and services while rallying people living with this condition. Of course, it is quite difficult to approach a person to ask if they have an ostomy bag. This community will be able to meet here, on Stomaltern’s platform and discover itself.


Stomaltern’s goal is first to build a community across Canada and then to conquer an international community that will receive help and support at all times. The company wants to provide a confidential and personalized offer of services in order to make a difference in the daily life of people with ostomies.

In this particular period of global pandemic (covid-19), Stomaltern believes that it has never been more important than now to come together to help and support each other.

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